Walt Disney World Resort Theme Park, Orlando


The most glorified entertainment zone on the planet is Walt Disney World Park. Just imagine, the area of this entertainment kingdom is more than 100 square kilometers! The park is not only the largest in size, but also the most visited in the world.

The official name is the Walt Disney World Recreation Center. This includes 4 theme parks and 2 water parks for entertainment, 24 themed hotels, countless restaurants, stores, cafes and golf courses.

If hotels at Disney World seem expensive, book hotels in Kissimmee – this town is only 25 minutes from the park.

The magical world of Walt Disney World

Disney World is a place that not only kids dream of, but adults as well. Slides and merry-go-rounds, pools and fountains – getting into the fairy-tale world, everyone feels the happiest person.

Here everyone will find entertainment to their liking. You can visit the theme parks:

  • Epcot;
  • Magic Kingdom;
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios;
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

As well as water parks:

  • Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon;
  • Disney’s Blizzard Beach.

Each part of the park is unique in its own way. Brightly colored rides and decorations create a sense of holiday – the mood of childhood and fun reigns here all year round.

Disney world history

In 1959, Walt Disney Productions decided it was time to build a second park (the first park opened in Anaheim, California in 1955), so they began by looking for land where it would be relevant. According to surveys, only 2% of those who visited Disneyland lived east of the Mississippi.

So building an entertainment center in Florida was a very logical idea. However, in order to buy land here at a low price, shell companies had to be set up.

The case moved from the point, construction began, but Walt Disney himself did not have time to bring the case to the end, because in 1966 he died.

His business was continued by his brother Roy Disney. The construction was finished in 5 years, and on October 1, 1971 the grand opening of Walt Disney World amusement park took place. Roy Disney decided to name the park in honor of his brother, who came up with this grand project. He said that as long as the park existed, everyone would know and remember Walt Disney.

Many tourists assume that all Disney attractions in other parts of the world are the same. This is a misconception. But it is Florida that has all the theme parks. The other branches mostly copy individual rides from the Florida ones.

Interesting facts

The official figures of statistics about Walt Disney World Park are simply astounding (data for 2004):

  • the total number of employees is about 70,000 people;
  • the park is maintained by about 5,000 engineers, including about 600 artists and 750 landscapers and gardeners;
  • the streets and parks are steam-cleaned every day at night;
  • the old carousel horses are painted with thin sheets of gold, and the painting is constantly renewed;
  • a tree farm is organized: when an old tree is replaced, a new 30-year-old tree is already grown.

Coming to Orlando, you can also visit national parks and nature reserves, such as the Ocala Forest Reserve, which is the most significant in the pine forest community of the world.