Universal Orlando Resort Amusement Park


Universal Orlando Resort is a park that was founded by Steven Spielberg so that every visitor could become a hero of his favorite blockbuster. Harry Potter, The Simpsons and Marvel villains put on unforgettable shows for fans every day.

Universal Orlando Resort is Disneyland’s main competitor. There are similar parks by the same company in Los Angeles, Japan and Singapore. But for 5 years TripAdvisor recognized it is Islands of Adventure as the best in the world.

A huge territory of the park is occupied by rides and pavilions, where dancing dinosaurs, water adventures and dizzying stunts make visitors squeal with delight.

Universal Orlando Resort areas

The Florida theme park is divided into several areas:

  • Universal Studios Florida;
  • Universal’s Islands of Adventure;
  • Volcano Bay Waterpark;
  • Universal CityWalk (cafes, restaurants and stores);
  • resort area, where the best hotels in the city are located.

The first three are themed attractions and entertainment, the special effects of which are breathtaking and can shock even men. Volcano Bay is a water park with incredible slides, where the bravest descend from the top of the volcano. Shows take place in the park all the time, but if you want to attend a specific one, keep an eye on the schedule. To everyone has the opportunity to check the place in the queue, special gadgets are issued here.

Dudley Do-Right Ripsaw Falls attraction

This part of the park looks like the streets of cities from favorite movies, series and TV-shows, and the rides on them are dedicated to the most famous blockbusters of the company. You can walk through New York and San Francisco all the way to Hollywood, where you might accidentally meet Marilyn or Audrey. And walking in London, you will definitely get to Slanting Lane.

At every turn there are attractions associated with popular thrillers, adventures and disasters. The incredible roller coaster Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, 51 meters high and 1200 meters long, rises above the central street. On them, at a speed of 105 kilometers per hour, daredevils fly a loop and several spirals. The trick of the ride is the music you choose before the ride. This song will drown out the screams of your neighbors and will be remembered forever.

Many visitors, including those who have already been to the park, want to get on the closed roller coaster Revenge of the Mummy. On them, escaping in the semi-darkness from an angry mummy at speeds of up to 72 kilometers per hour, even men experience both excitement and terror.

The most visited shows are Terminator 2 and Fear Factor Live, in which park visitors become participants. The Blues Brothers Show plays on New York Street. And the outdoor Universal Music Plaza Stage, which seats up to 8,000 people, hosts extravaganza concerts and festivals.

The area’s most popular location is Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts. The other half of the magical world is located in another zone of the park. The real Hogwarts Express takes Potteromans there every day. You must have an entrance ticket to both parts of the park.

Islands of Adventure

You can enter the Islands of Adventure area through a separate entrance or take the magical train to Hogsmeade. In the world of Harry Potter, you’ll visit Hogwarts Castle and fly on a hippogriff. If you don’t already have a wand, check out the Ollivanders store. And order a creamy beer at the local cafe.

The most popular rides in this part are at Marvel Super Hero Island. For example, the speed on the Hulk slide reaches 108 km/h, but comfortable seats and reliable fastenings give the sensation of flight rather than fear. If you are still afraid to do loops in reality, join Spider-Man in 3D. But even here you’ll feel the heat when they start firing flamethrowers.

On Toon Lagoon Island, the water ride with a sharp descent Ripsaw Falls gathers enthusiastic comments – it’s impossible to get away dry. For those who don’t like water but want a thrill, we recommend the 3D ride on King Kong Island on Skull Island. Stunning special effects guarantee an adrenaline rush.

One part of Jurassic Park is home to the most popular of the old rides, the Jurassic Park River. Floating in a boat, here you expect a dinosaur attack every second. Spectacular shows in this area take place at Lost Continent and Suze Island.

Volcano Bay Universal Waterpark

Carefree island life reigns at the foot of the volcano. During the day, a waterfall falls from its peaks, which by nightfall turns into lava flows. Spend the day by the water, alternating between relaxation and unreal slides. Rent a gazebo, cottage or family vacation suite for a party. Several wave pools, 2 rivers and playgrounds are available. The park’s most extreme slide starts at the top of the volcano. Take a risk and have an unforgettable experience.

What to do with kids

Each area of Universal Park Orlando has playgrounds and attractions with age restrictions. In the streets, children can meet their favorite characters – Transformers, Scooby Doo, Minions, Shrek. In Character party zone and in dreamworks destination little guests dance and have fun with cartoon idols.

Woody Woodpecker’s Kidzone has several interactive areas for kids. The main attraction in the Fivel play area is the huge spider web. Particularly popular are the exciting 4D rides with the main characters through their painted worlds.

Where to eat and feed the kids

Each area of Universal Orlando Resort has cafes and restaurants. They are themed, so even waiting to order will be fun. The main thing is that your phone has enough memory for cool photos. The menu includes not only the usual fast food, but also premium dishes.

Resort Hotels

The highlight of Universal Orlando Resort hotels is a water cab that takes tourists to the park. Guests have the advantage of Universal Park opening an hour earlier for them. And any ticket to the themed area gives an opportunity not to stand in the usual queues.